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Second Battle of El Alamein Area Today

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Second Battle of El Alamein summary

The Battle of El Alamein is usually divided into five phases, consisting of the break-in (23–24 October), the crumbling (24–25 October), the counter (26–28 October), Operation Supercharge (1–2 November) and the break-out (3–7 November). No name is given to the period from 29–31 October, when the battle was at a standstill.

  1. The Allies started the battle with 20 minutes of heavy general bombardment. Then the guns switched to precision targets in support of the advancing infantry.The Operation name was Lightfoot because the infantry had to attack first. Many of the anti-tank mines would not be tripped by soldiers running over them since they were too light, hence the code-name. As the infantry advanced, engineers had to clear a path for the tanks coming behind.
  2. The 7th Armoured Division (with one Free French Brigade under command) made a diversionary attack to the south.
  3. Axis Armoured Divisions counterattack: 6pm 24 October
  4. Allies attempt to break through: Night of 25 October
  5. Axis counterattack and attack by 9th Australian Division: Afternoon of 25 October
  6. Folgore Parachutist Division attacked from three directions: 10:30 pm 25 October until 3 am 26 October
  7. Allies advance- 51st Highland Division takes Kidney Ridge- Littorio Armoured Division counterattacks: 5pm 26 October
  8. Both sides redeploy their Forces: Night of 26 to 27 October
  9. Axis fails to retake Kidney Ridge: 8am 27 October
  10. Allies attempt to push back Trento Division: 28 October
  11. Rommel redeploys his forces: 29 October
  12. Operation Supercharge begins- 9th Australian fails to break through: 11pm 31 October 1942.
  13. Tank Battle of Tell el Aqqaqir: 9am 2 November; Axis forces begin retreat: 10pm 2 November
  14. Axis forces prepare to fall back: 3 November
  15. Axis forces halt their retreat: 3 November
  16. Allied forces break through: 7am 4 November; Trento, Bologna and Ariete Divisions destroyed- Axis forces flee