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Battle of Dragashani Area Today

A map of the area around the battle positions

Battle of Dragashani summary

The Battle of Dragashani (or Battle of Dragasani, Battle of Drăgăşani) was fought on June 19, 1821 in Drăgăşani, Wallachia, between the Ottoman forces of Sultan Mahmud II and the Greek Filiki Etaireia insurgents. It was a prelude to the Greek War of Independence.

  1. The Greeks moved to favourable defensive positions and the Ottomans started to build fortifications at the village of Drăgăşani.
  2. Despite orders not to move the Greek Cavalry attacked the Ottoman garrison at Serbănești Monastery.
  3. The Sacred Band (a volunteer unit mostly made up of young Greek students from both upper and middle classes led by Nikolaos Skoufas) was forced to move in open ground to help the cavalry.
  4. The Greek cavalry was defeated by the Ottomans and dispersed.
  5. The Sacred Band is surrounded by Ottoman cavalry.
  6. Greek reinforcements arrive and the Band is saved but with heavy casualties.
  7. Most of the Greek volunteer army deserted after the battle ending military operations in the region.