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Battle of Hattin Area Today

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Battle of Hattin summary

The Battle of Hattin took place on Saturday, July 4, 1187, between the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and Muslim forces under Saladin.

  1. On July 2, Saladin, who wanted to lure the Crusaders away from their base, personally led a siege of the fortress of Tiberias with part of his Army. The rest was left waiting.
  2. The fort fell in one day but the citadel remained in Crusader hands. King Guy thus ordered the army to march against Saladin at Tiberias, which is exactly what Saladin had planned.
  3. By noon on that day, the Crusader army had reached a spring at the village of Turan and was resupplied with water.
  4. Guy set out the afternoon, marching his army forward to Tiberias. After the army left Turan, the Muslims began their attack. Also Saladin sent part of his army around the Crusader force and seized the spring at Turan, thus blocking their line of retreat. This maneuver would give victory to Saladin.
  5. Due to continuous attacks, the whole army Crusader army was forced to make camp on a plateau surrounded by the Muslims. They now had no water nor any hope of receiving supplies or reinforcements.
  6. On the morning of July 4, the Crusaders were blinded by smoke from fires that Saladin's forces had set to add. They were also hit with 400 loads of arrows that had been brought up during the night.
  7. Thirsty and demoralized, the Crusaders broke camp and moved for the springs of Hattin, but were attacked by Saladin's army.
  8. Finally the crusaders were surrounded and, despite desperate charges on Saladin's position, were eventually defeated and captured. Raymond of Tripoli, with a small detachment escaped the battle.