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Battle of Marathon Area Today

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη

Battle of Marathon summary

490 BCE: The battle that defined the future of Western Civilization. The Persians reached Marathon with their fleet after destroying the city of Eretria.

  1. 9.000 Athenians and 1.000 Plateans under Miltiades fight against approximately 25.000 Persians under generals Datis and Artaphernes.
  2. Greeks attack after skirmishes probably initiated by the Persians.
  3. Greeks regroup just outside the range of persian arrows.
  4. Greeks run towards the Persians to minimize arrow casualties.
  5. Greeks advance on left and right flanks. The Persian center holds it's ground against the fewer Greek hoplites allocated there.
  6. Persian left and right flanks flee to the ships. Greek left and right flanks attack the Persian center.
  7. Persian center flees to the ships. Greeks pursue them.