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Battle of Strasbourg Area Today

A map of the area around the battle positions

Battle of Strasbourg summary

The Battle of Strasbourg, also known as the Battle of Argentoratum, was fought in 357 between the Late Roman army under Caesar Julian (who later became Emperor) and the Alamanni tribal confederation led by king Chnodomar.

  1. The Roman army arrived at the battlefield, saw the Germans waiting and prepared for battle.
  2. Despite being outnumbered Julian ordered the Romans to attack.
  3. The Germans attacked also and both armies met each other in the field.
  4. German troops were hidden in the forest but the Romans suspected it and did not advance in this sector.
  5. German horsemen attacked the Roman cavalry. They had infantry among them to strike at the unprotected bellies of the Roman horses.
  6. The hidden Germans lose their patience and attack the Romans in the open field.
  7. Roman cavalry retreats in disorder and almost crushes their comrades. King Chnodomar was fighting in the front line and could not see the whole battlefield. For this reason the Roman cavalry retreat was not exploited properly.
  8. The Roman left defeats the attacking Germans.
  9. The Germans use all of their best troops to attack one part of the Roman line and start to break into their enemies’ center.
  10. The second Roman line holds it’s ground and discouraged the Germans retreat.
  11. Roman archers wreak havoc on the Germans who retreat in disorder till the Rhine. Many are killed running from the battlefield or crossing the river.